Hello there!

My name is Persephone, and I am a creative currently residing in the lush city of Canberra, Australia. I love to bake, photograph faces, and most importantly – I love to eat.

Over the past few years I have really re-discovered my love for baking, and this comes from a diagnosis of severe anxiety and an eating disorder. Never had I once thought that this could be the reason I stopped baking, or the reason I stopped doing so many things I loved, but it is all so very clear now.
I had spent much of my youth baking – cakes, muffins, biscuits… you name it, I baked it. I adored reading through recipes, and eating those sweet treats. There is a simple joy that comes from eating a slice of the cake you just made, and I very quickly grew to love that feeling. But growing older and beginning to deal with issues relating to body image and the pressures of society, I stopped baking so much, eventually stopping completely.
Now that I’m on a path of healing and recovery, I’m really finding happiness and pleasure in writing recipes and creating treats again. I’ve picked up my camera again, and I’m very much enjoying discovering food photography – experimenting with different lighting, staging, and editing techniques. I am so ecstatic to be enjoying these foods again, despite daily struggles, and this is another reason I am more than happy to be completely transparent about my mental health struggles – because I know there are so many people out there dealing with their own battles, and I want to try and help even just a little bit.
Eating disorder recovery is about learning to love food again, and learning to love yourself again. So don’t expect to find nutritional info attached to my recipes, nor posts on anything remotely related to weight-loss. I am here to share classic country comforts, and to help feed the souls of all those that stop by. I want everyone to enjoy life, and fill that life with tasty home-baked treats. After all, we only have one life so we may as well truly enjoy it!

I have also created this space not just for myself and my adventures, but for my friends. I love nothing more than collaborating with creative souls from all areas, and this is an excellent place to bring some work to life. From baking together, to working on photo-shoots and recipe books, everything is better with friends.

I hope you enjoy reading, and if you find something you like don’t be shy, let me know!

Much love,
Persephone xo